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Who I Am...


Maikeida Blackman Ministries is a platform geared towards Pastor, Self Publishing Author, and Founder of  The Wealthy Woman, Women that PrayLA and S.H.E.Yielded Non Profit Organization sharing my unique perspective and approach to personal growth and development. As someone born into ministry, my passion and dedication to the field have only grown over the years. Whether it’s through my coaching sessions or speaking engagements all around the world, I strive to empower individuals to find meaning and purpose in their lives. I believe that everyone deserves a chance to live their best life, and I work tirelessly to make that a reality for my clients.  For the past 15 years, I have dedicated my life to serving others through my ministry, offering guidance and support to those who need it. I am here to help you connect with your faith and find your purpose in life. I would love to connect with you and hear about your journey!

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